About Me

Pursuing a master’s degree at Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Nadav Cohen.

My research interests include the theory of Deep Learning, also interested in applications of Machine Learning models, and programming.

email: asafmaman (at) mail.tau.ac.il





Implicit Regularization in Tensor Factorization
Noam Razin*, Asaf Maman*, Nadav Cohen
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2021
[paper, code, poster]



  • ICMLi - Implicit Regularization in Tensor Factorization, Jul’07, 2021 [video, slides]


Blog Posts

  • Implicit Regularization in Tensor Factorization: Can Tensor Rank Shed Light on Generalization in Deep Learning?, Off the Convex Path, Jul’08, 2021 [blog post]